Πώς θα είναι τα Starbucks σε πέντε χρόνια από σήμερα

epa01617231 (FILE) A file photograph showing a cup showing a retro Starbucks logo at a store in, Los Angeles California USA, 22 April  2008. Starbucks is to close 300 stores and eliminate 6,700 jobs as the premium coffee outlet finds it hard to thrive in the struggling economy, the company said 28 January 2008.  Some 200 of the store closures will take place in the US with 100 more facing closure overseas, said the Seattle based company, which estimated that the cuts will save it 500 million dollars this year.  EPA/ANDREW GOMBERT

Περισσότερα καταστήματα, επέκταση στα κινητά και ακριβότερα είδη καφέ για τους πιο απαιτητικούς.