Πράσινο φως στην Apple για την επένδυση του 1 δισ. δολαρίων στην Ιρλανδία

epa05525432 A file photo made 14 May 2015 showing employees working on the iMac production line at the Apple European Headquarters in Hollyhill, close to Cork.  In a new development 5 Sept ember 2016 Ireland's European Commissioner Phil Hogan has rejected claims that the commission's decision that Apple receivedd dillegal state aid from Ireland was politically motivated. He added that there was a three year investigation and the matter will now be adjudicated in the Euroean Courts of Justice.  EPA/DAVID KEANE

Ο αμερικανικός κολοσσός ξεπέρασε τα νομικά εμπόδια και προχωρά στην κατασκευή νέου κέντρου δεδομένων.