Τα χαρακτηριστικά του Στιβ Τζομπς που πρέπει να έχει ένας ηγέτης

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES:  Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer unveils a new titanium G4 Powerbook with a 15.2 inch screen during his keynote address at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco,CA, 09 January 2001. Jobs also announced new configurations of the G4 desktop Macs as well as new audio and DVD software. AFP PHOTO/John G. MABANGLO (Photo credit should read JOHN G. MABANGLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Ποιο είναι το κλειδί για να γίνει κανείς ένας πραγματικός ηγέτης.